Dark theme for the main site

dark theme for the main site

it’s kinda hurting my eyes


There is a dark theme for the forums, you have to go to your preferences within the forums to turn it on.

Sadly there isn’t a dark mode on the main website, but maybe someday.


That’s why they requested it lol

I changed it from both forms and website to just website it made sense before
I actually didn’t know there was dark mode on the forms until now

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Oh ok. By the way, you might want to try this Chrome extension: Dark Reader - Chrome Web Store (google.com). Also works with Microsoft Edge if you use that.

i used to use it but it broke a few websites i don’t remember which ones

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Understandable, have a great time of day depending on your time zone

I know, even myself would like to have this feature.

Thank you. So much.

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it’s weird I feel like I’m never on the home page at all. I’m always editing games or on the forums.


How does “white” hurt ones eyes?

Because it’s really bright, some people who have lighter eye colors are more sensitive to lights.

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Oh never knew that im just fine with light mode

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