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Game in very early development. Only two levels currently.

You are the daughter to a very powerful wizard, who created lemonade from lemons. Suddenly, your father disappears, and so does all the lemonade in your town! You must obtain back all seven ingredients/flavors to bring back lemonade (each flavor respective to each chapter). These flavors may include strawberry lemonade and other fruit varieties. Note: only some of this story is explained through the cutscene.

Looking for any opinions, or things I can improve.

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This… This actually looks awesome. I love the music (props for making it yourself, I do suggest groove pad or Music maker jam on phones sa well) and I like the style, and the fact that it looks like you done it yourself. I can only say so much from reviewing on a phone, but it looks awesome! So far, at least a 7.5/10. Well done!

Amazing its great but one suggestion can you add WASD controls overall great game keep up thy great work!

copy-paste the regular controls into the same object, then change the keys pressed to WASD.

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