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9:00 what time is that for you

Well since I’m 3 hours ahead if you do the math that would be 6:00 PM for me.

No that would be 12:00 pm for you

oops sorry I was tired lol I meant to say that we would play like this:

my time: 6:00

your time: 9:00

Sorry I was very sleepy.

gah screw it I’m simplifying the art style for my little game

GET BACK TO RUNMDLE TIRE!!! :rage: (for all who don’t get it, its a personal joke between us)

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i work on cozmak reveng

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I saw ULTRAKILL gameplay and it’s AWESOME!!!
I really like the marksman revolver. Being able to throw coins in the air and shoot them to reflect your bullets to different enemies is super awesome.


Yeah, it’s insanely cool, especially when comboing with multiple weapons!

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When the person I was watching playing got to the Cerberus bosses I seriously thought it was actually gonna be Cerberus. Not the statues lol

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lol yeah
I recommend not watching any Ultrakill videos that go past the Prelude, because spoilers for this game really suk, it ruins the incredible experience of going in blind


Thanks for telling me, I was watching 4 people multiplayer speedrun the game. I stopped watching though. The game looks seriously awesome. I really can’t wait to get it.

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Guys click this link to be brought to the Minecraft search. If you wait long enough a Minecraft button will appear. Click it.

@DeadlyGumChewer are you here today

can you go to the library

I went to the Dentist no school for me today :sunglasses:
How did you get Flowlab back

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what? this is the gc no?

Wait what? Why did you say this?

is this not the Google classroom?

No idiot I think you’re being stupid. I know you’re acting like this because you specifically know my Flowlab PFP and my personal email PFP is different so don’t even try to deny it.

You even pinged me (@'ed) by my username.

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