Deadly_Smile's Topic Of His Thoughts

It was 4th Grade dude :sob: and I was really into horror more than I am now

yeah. I remember playing a game like that when I was 11

It was either 8-bit_Studio, Blackhole1001 or Deadly_Smile

Do you remember the name?

Sorry I assumed you were talking about a second game like my idea

I figured out how to make a server. Join plz.

Leave the port as is, and name server name all you want.:grin::smile:

I’ll join Friday but please advertise your server somewhere else-
also don’t servers cost money?

No I found out how to make a server
Plus mark did something I had to change the server code

Can you help me code in the mc server plz I need help

Plz I need help I looked all over the internet and I need help

What do you need help with?

In need help with rank sepail commands and if it works in return I’ll give you admin rank

It’s were if you are like adim you can only do a few commands

What is a sepail?

Special sorry I was going fast bc I was call by my dad

I can’t buy ULTRAKILL so I have to cope by playing some roblox version instead unfortunately


Also there would need to be a scoreboard but I am unsure if that is on MCBE

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Next time it goes on sale, I’m buying it for you. Don’t let me forget that

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Really?? Thanks BradenS, if I were you I’d do the same lol ULTRAKILL is super cool

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I have a scoreboard I just don’t know how to change color or add rank name in chat

And I want my player head