Dear Grazer...

Hello, I hope I speak for all of the forum. If you agree, say so below.
Grazer, I do not think you understand how much we appreciate you. You seem a little off kilter at the moment, so I thought now would be a good time to reveal this.
We all have a future in programming thanks to you. @“JR 01” has published his own game, I got a game on a public facebook recommendation, and we all love to do it. Because of you many of us, including myself, have decided to pursue programming as a career. Although there is no stright up scripting, it’s perfect for all begginers.
I myself have learned formal online etequitte, respect, and partnership, as well as some ingenious ways to think, all thanks to you. I hope you read this,
-The Forum

@“The Kodex” @TheForgotten @todorrobot @PixelPizza @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev

Kudos @meburningslime I totally agree. Flowlab changed my life. From my birth I loved games and game creation and after parting with scratch I found this… Thank you! Thank you @grazer !

I think grazer died

100% agree

With grazer being awesome or grazer dying

I just want to say after being here for only less then a week, I am amazed at this community. I went from knowing nothing about coding and only having an idea, to creating games my friends and i can play! It was obvious to me that I would have no trouble finding help or learning things. This is not like any other community online that i know of. Thank you for everything you do!

@PI_GYE_YT I know this is stingy but…
Programming is inputting code. This is what we do here at flowlab.
Scripting is when you enter text intead of blocks.
Coding is iffy on the definition.

@PI_GYE_YT I know. I love the community

I think using numbers in Flowlab takes the Coding term well, so I think its a well word to use similar to programming in Flowlab… just not scripting.

Still debatable, since they aren’t true variables.

True variables?
You take position, velocity, gravity, etc. and can also use the expression to get an angle, distance, and much more.

Filters, Expressions, and Enables ARE or can be boolean’s!

Like the Filter’s true and false get there own outputs and are transferred into a 1 to go to the next behavior.
Expressions can be because you can code your own filter into it.

Ok fair enough
But number blocks are complex booleans not true booleans

Hey, thanks for the kind words @meburningslime and everyone else. This community is the best :slight_smile:

The’re actually nodes or blueprints, as used in Nuke…

But only pro’s know that…

@grazer no problem. By the way, I sent you a message. Please read it. :slight_smile:

@“The Kodex” please clarify?

Well in the nuke editor, similar things to flowlab called “nodes” attached by the bendy blue line and help customise the course and act as flolwab does. Nuke is a video editor as seen bellow:
In Unreal Engines, “blueprints” are almost virtually the same of not more complex version of flowlabs coding system, as seen bellow:
I put only pros know this as a joke because these are professional level editors. My mum done a computer graphics degree in game design and that is how I know this. @meburningslime @“JR 01” . @grazer Did you draw Inspiration from this? Or just a coincidence?