Death Animation Troubles

Is there a way to pause my runcycle animation when you die, because I have a death animation that I want to play, but simply moving interupts it

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use a switch that the running animation goes into, turn it off when you die.


Animation priority

I think the animation stops when another starts even with priority, idk why.


Switches are the answer to 90% of problems in flowlab, lol.
All hail the all-mighty switch


yeah, a lot of people tend to forget switches for some reason. It’s probably because they have a switch and think it is weird to add a switch going into a switch.


I usually end up with chains of like 5 switches and I’m like “Ahh yes, this is efficient”. If a switch doesn’t fix it, try a logic gate or a filter, lol. The power trio!


I have the movement in a switch, but this code is giving me an infinite loop?

when you restart the go do you get hit instantly by a spike/enemy?

not that I know of, you restart on a different level entirely, one that doesn’t have spikes or anything.

Do you have the animation set to loop?

No loop on the animation, I am really confused

I can send all of the code if you want, maybe that might help?

Yeah, or just give us the link to the game so we can look

this is the game, Flowlab Game Creator - A Dark Journey