(DELAYED) Augustus - The Official Game Design Forum

What is “Augustus”?

My Goals for the Game: (at this moment)

  • Quests
  • NPC’s you can interact with
  • Customizable Characters
  • Customizable Homes

What I have Right Now:

  • Open Beta
  • Polls and requests for the game
  • Small Scene

How you can help:

  • Give suggestions
  • Report Bugs
  • Rate the game

Wish me luck!

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I know that I already started a different one but the winner of this will compete against the 3 ideas you guys come up for, for a game. (If that doesn’t make sense just ask)


Also, I’m not going to vote.


Very interesting! I suggest Immersive 2d world.

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I’m not saying you can’t do the immersive 2d world idea but the platformer idea seems more feasible being as I’m not sure what projects you’ve done and plus I love platformers.

But whatever project you choose I wish you the best of luck!

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Yeah, the platformer is definitely more feasible than an immersive 2D world but I like challenges. They’d both be really fun to make! Whatever one wins I’ll still end up doing the other one for fun eventually.


Alright, now for my vote. (Even though I said I’m not voting)

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Looks like an Immersive 2D World with NPC’s won! I might do some fun communitty stuff with this idea. I can see a lot of ways I can make this fun! Maybe I can add outfits, armor, weapons, and homes, I could even add NPC’s that look like you guys if I got requests.

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Dude let’s goooo! If you need help with anything I’m always free btw :smiley:

Alright, I’ll let you know if I need anything, I might make a discord for this game development since it’s a pain getting on the forums sometimes. (Since I can’t get on the forums through my iPad)

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Poll closed! I’ll update this with anything that I feel needs to be shared about the game.

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Open Beta released! Haven’t added anything but looking forward too sometime tonight!

  • NPC’s that look like you guys
  • Outfits that look like you guys

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You guys vote for what you want and I’ll take a max of 6 votes. I will probably do both but this is just so I can prioritize my work.

I need help wish a grass sprites. img_asset_10030259 and pixil-frame-0 (8) is what I have. Neither look good,

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I can defiantly help if you want.

Please do lol I have trees already.

I’ll throw a few samples together in a bit.

alright, thanks. I suck at game art.

So I got a few done, I didn’t finish them all but I think you can get the general idea.
Maybe you can find something you like, or come up with an idea from these your self.


Thanks a lot! I this is a lot of help.

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