Delayed... lag?

I know this is an over used issue.
But truly can someone look through my game and find something that causes lag, I mean the game runs good at first, and doesn’t have too many things happening.
On some levels after a minute or two it will lag a lot, which changes the games difficulty a lot, making it nearly impossible to lose.

Here’s the game-

I’ve tried all the simple way of reducing lag (Des-pawning off screen object, stopping animations… etc.)


Try using the in-view trigger.

Using it on what?
I have it on everything that leaves the screen.

You may have a lot of proximity checks. Try asking a more knowledgeable person like JR_01.

I do have a ton of proximity checks, is there any way to make that lag less?

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There’s an alternative to proximity checks, but I forgot what it is.

Raycast raycast raycast, one of the most important behaviors. If you don’t use em’ then you can say goodbye to any chances of making a recognizable game :wink:

But how do I make a ray-cast that detects the area around it, just have like 20?

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Only as much as you need, like 1 on each side. if you need 20 its a little worse, but still better than proximity

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if you’d like to use proximity and delay lag or reduce it, use a parent object. Grazer has a blog about parent objects if you need help understanding it.