Demonic spells beta

Hey there! new game, try it it neat, no story or gameplay, only one AWESOME spell. rightclick anywhere to use it!


Interesting Game, The Spell Looks Good! Maybe Work On Some Sprites Or Enemies?

yeah that is not skippable, i just had serious trouble with the spell

Well The Spell Looks Really Good So Far

Yeah this seems pretty cool. Now I don’t want to annoy you on the art, but I would try to veer off from using a hunchback design since wizards aren’t necessarily known for that, unless thats the character main design then that would make more sense.

I can tell that this game is just a primary alpha world, just testing out different spells so i won’t be too critical on this. The spells look really cool and I can’t way to play this once enemies have been introduced.

It’s more a soul reaper than a wizard

And i’m actually adding a (simple) enemy, so you wont wait long

Oh okay, that seems more accurate then. Okay yeah I can’t wait to test the spells on an enemy, WOOOO!

enemy done! Try when you want @ManiacPumpkin (It’s actually pointless to the player but it will come)

Ah i can’t stop trying it it’s neat

Alright I finally got around to play test it and the spell seems to work really well. Although I know its just a basic enemy so that’s why it was just a basic sprite, but it seems to work well with the spells. Also do you plan on adding more spells. I’m assuming you are, but I better ask.

Yes, like devastating fires or shockwaves, don’t worry

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Working on a Spike aura spell, it’s gonna be awesome! (if it works)

You’re gonna be happy, there’s a story planned for the game and we added an intro!

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