Depth/Objects in Front of Player?

This may be covered elsewhere, or very obvious, but I’ve yet to find the answer after more than an hour of reading through the forum. How can I put objects in front of the player? I am working on a non-gravity, multiple-direction game and I’d like to, say, have tree tops that the player can walk under, or maybe bridges that the player can walk beneath. Is this possible?

I know there are basically three layers (background, game world and interface), but is there a way to arrange objects in order to stack the tree tops or bridge tops higher than the player’s place within the layers? Also would be fun: shadows that darken the player as she/he walks inside them (layer position + alpha channel/transparency).

Thanks! Having a great time delving into Flowlab!

I just found the game layer selection under the object edit properties area. But it doesn’t seem to do anything when I change the number. I recall a similar post regarding the ordering of the layers. Was anything every resolved? Thanks again!

Hello Paskeyland.

Welcome to Flowlab.

You’ve found the game layers which is great.

‘game layer’ click this and the numbers 1,2,3 will appear in a list. Here you can decide which layer the object will be placed on. 1 being the furthest back and 3 being the forefront. Should be in the Cookbook if it already isn’t.

The layers seem to be working fine for me but what you’re describing sounds quite graphically complex, maybe post a link to your game so we can see if what you’re trying to achieve is possible.



Thanks muddyapples!

When I used my laptop at home I realized the layers worked after all. My work Mac (lunchtime game-making!) is where the problem occurred. I’ll try again this lunch hour. I was suspecting maybe it was browser-related, but I use Chrome on both machines.

Right now my “game” is a sandbox of ideas. I was doing a top-down approach, but am now returning to a gravity-based platformer. I’ll still need the layers for some effects, though. So thank you for your help! I hope to post something soon.

Quick paid-version question, does the “Upgrade enables offline builds” mean that the work-in-progress would only reside on my machine and not online? Or does this mean that I can save it for offline playing?

Thanks again!


You can’t beat a bit of lunchtime game development! I work on an iMac and have never had any browser issue in either Chrome or Safari, never really tried firefox.

Not so sure on the offline question, I’ve only really developed online, maybe Mhx or Grazer can advise.

Good luck with the game, looking forward to a link.



It means that when you click “Build for desktop”, it builds an offline version in Adobe. You or anyone can download the game for offline play, (although there may be bugs in the game) but you can only edit it on the site. Everything is connected to the site. It’s basically a cloud based engine, and anything offline is just a cache. Hopefully I answered your question, and welcome to Flowlab.

Also, I’m really glad to see muddyapples answering so many questions lately. I have been so busy, I haven’t even been on Flowlab to read the forums or even work on my game. I believe grazer has his job and family on main time consumption, as he only pops on during certain days.
So, thank you muddy for all the help.
Hopefully you can continue to help out, since you are now a Veteran :slight_smile:

Hi Mhx,

There’s got to be a better name than Flowlab Veteran…Hrm… Flowlab Ninja. I remember that now!

I’ll certainly help out whenever I can.