Description text limit?

@grazer is there a word/character limit in the description box under the game screen? I was typing my Flowjam Dev log under mine each day and didnt realize it was overwriting/deleting old text. Not a huge deal, but I wonder if what I typed was saved or is salvageable anywhere? I wanted to try to tally up the hours I put in to my game but will have to do an estimate now.

Hey @todorrobot - There is a text limit, but it’s 64K (~64,000 characters) which is way more than you have here. I bet there is an issue with the upload though that is truncating the description at a lower limit. I’ll check it out and fix that. Sorry you lost the dev log :frowning:

Idk @grazer . I can be pretty verbose :wink:

No worries. I was having connection issues and the forums are super buggy on my phone so I probably accidentally deleted it without realizing.