Destroy block then random respawn help

Please could someone help me? I want the fire block to destroy when the player touches it, then after a second or two, I want the fire to respawn elsewhere along the grass/ground. I would like the fire block to destroy and respawn each time it’s collided with. I have tried for a week now!

Why are you adding the x/y? Also you have an always extracting the x/y

Sorry, you’ve checked the code since I have made about the 1000th change to it. Sometimes I get close but I just want a solution.

delete the always and it works ok

It doesn’t work. The block destroys but doesn’t come back

because you have the respawn code in the object that got destroyed. Try moving it to a different object and spawning it instead. :grin:

So, I think I nearly have it… I’ve created a 2nd Fire block (in blue). When I collide with Fire block 1 it spawns Fire block 2. But it doesn’t work in reverse, do you know why?

Can anyone help with this? Please?

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