Detecting mouse wheel

There could be two new outputs in the mouse click behavior for scrolling up and down.

@grazer I guess this wouldn’t be very hard to add. Why don’t we have this.

Well then a right click would be useful too


Dont forget m3

Why does grazer ignore all feature request topics lol

He doesn’t but there are 271 Features Requests threads and 356 Bugs reports

And he works on improving flowlab so…
theres a lot of things he needs to pay attention to

@grazer Can you please implement this? Scrolling and right click. That’s everything I need.

Before the flowjam event starts lol

I think I need the right click too for Awakening :v

Hey - right clicks might be pretty straightforward, but scrolling will not be. I’ve (briefly) attempted to add mouse wheel scrolling a couple of times, since I would like to use it for zooming in the editor as well. Browser support for mouse wheel events has been pretty spotty and flaky in the past when I checked, which made it a real pain. I’ll take another look at it though, to see if it’s gotten any better recently.

Ah that sucks. Right click is good enough then.

Thanks for your response.