DEV TEAM.... what is it guys?

Please comment what a DEV team is.

Its stands for developer, it’s where a group of people join together to make one game. Minecraft, Terraria F***nite and Mario Kart are all made by Dev Teams.


p.s., I hate f***nite so I think it deserves what you did. :lol: :+1:


b4d 3ngI1$h



@Mainfunctestalbois WHY U SAY ITS NAME F***NITE IS THE WORST HOW DARE U!!! (calms down from rage) I’m ok… (gets back in rage) AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (sorry about the rage. :/)


no u

f***tnite is over rated completly

It’s marketing a mature type video game to children, even 5 year olds.

kill f***tnite

Wow guys…wow

You guys wanna play Forts Knights


Minecraft is good.

Minecraft is good.

pokemon is the best, but that’s my opinion. :wink:

Old pokemons were good
Lavender town was… ummm… a thing
New pokemon is trash