DEV TEAM.... what is it guys?

New pokemon is for sweaty gamerz

No it’s for sweaty dogs @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev



as much as I like pokemon gen 8, when 3d started, they are good but I was thinking, BRING BACK GAME BOY STYLE. pokemon gen 1 was the best pokemon game. mystery dungeon was good as well, and so was rumble. but I think the original is better. also, the anime is better to watch than playing the games. (but why is ash still 10?)

ash goes from 10 to 17 to 13 to 10 again, and I still don’t like any version of him…



@meburningslime u ok?

No i’m allergic to bad grammar


I’m also highly allergic to anime
Anybody that watches anime is obviously not human
Anime watchers are either pervert eutheganus or noobus applicannus

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HEY! >:( :angry:



quit with the f***nite please. :anguished:

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