Diamondsion Assault ????? (Neon Lightning) v0.08-a


For those of you that have never played the original Diamondsion Assault, it used to be a decent functioning game, back in 2013 when flowlab was in early beta. It doesn’t really work anymore, so I’m rebuilding it, better than it ever was before. I will slowly post updates when I have new stuff to show off, but here’s prealpha test footage of the original Diamondsion Assault vs DA nLite testing. A game link will be posted when it’s worth trying out. The goal is to make an enjoyable lite demo for flowlab.

Diamondsion Assault v1.0 (2013)

Diamondsion Assault Neon Lightning v0.05-a (2019)

Flowlab Game Creator - Diamondsion Assault nLite - Watch Video

Nice! Even though the original didn’t work, the design and the things that did work were astounding! And you say that there is going to be a better one? Now I’m excited to see it, and I can’t wait for it to come out!
Good luck, @“Mhx Ar” !

Mostly working on concept art, but I work over 40 hours a week, so I can’t really get too much done. I usually do rough concepts since it takes too long to make everything perfect. It will all be changed a lot over time, since I honestly have no idea how I want anything to look, so I’m just doing concepts.
Check it out if you want, I don’t have much done yet.

I have nothing to say… except that its awesome…

@“ShadowAxeKid Productions”
Thanks, I appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll get more done on my days off.

NP, dude =)

Concept splash screen, concept menu stuff, nothing major
Splash screens and menu are now automatic
Borrowed some music while I work on a playlist menu
Minor adjustments here and there, some things left sitting around
Check it out if you want

This is so awesome, that could be the official Flowlab intro lol

Yeah I saw that to, it looks amazing @“Mhx Ar”