Diamondsion Assault over 4000 plays

I thought this was pretty cool :slight_smile:
I mean, sure 4000 isn’t much, and a lot of plays could be the same people,
but I can imagine it would be a good app, maybe 10k downloads :3

That is indeed pretty cool. Good stuff Mhx.

4k plays, nice!

Its awesome! And your so helpful in the forums- this could become a popular app yes ^^

It goes up 100 every few days to a week. It’s at about 4100 now.
Caverns of Delirium is at a little over 4400, and Super Monkey Adventure is… wait for it… IT’S OVER 9000!!!
Yes I had to. So I don’t think I will be passing the Flowmaster anytime soon :slight_smile:

Hey, just wondering, but how can you tell how many views your level has?

Yeah, its cool mhx

btw you wanna rate my game?

I made a forum about it

HA!!! good one Mhx


you mean grazer?


I’m not surprised it got 4k plays,for a game made online with no coding or team,it’s really good!

well, scott cawthon used a engine like this and look where he got !!! ;-p

@jngthree really?what was it?

clickteam fusion!

the engine isnt 3D, its just he used sprites that made it look 3D, otherwise it would be top down or platform