Did some new update break everything?

Just reloaded my game because something was glitching and it fixed the thing I wanted it to fix, though it broke how my doors worked and did this to the code:

I’d like an explanation.

Forgot to say what caused it. When I opened the keyboard trigger it gave me an option for any key and because the code was randomly not working I tried checking it an was then going to make it on E again, though when I put it back on e it corrupted or something.

And now my pressure plates are broken, along with some movement issues and AI bugs. I touched nothing. Now I can’t fix any of them, because the logic gates are seeming not working which also results in me losing 8 to 10 hours of coding work. Thanks.

Hey @Diamondkittyxl - there has not been an update recently, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

If you leave a link to the game, and a description of the main issue I can take a look any maybe help track down the problem.

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