Different tabs different accounts

This request is pretty self-explanitory, but basically I have two different accounts, my Alt and my normal. I’m working on a game right now on my Alt and want to look at my code from one of the games on my normal account because I need it for this new game. Exept whenever I go to my account to check on the code, it logs out and I can’t edit the game im working on! Sometimes I totally forget and end up losing a bunch of progress when I try to test the game, and its just really annoying. basically i’m requesting that you log in FOR THAT TAB if you are already logged in on another tab. The first one takes priority if you open another tab but it doesnt log you out of your other tabs when you log in to the new one.

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Normal account in normal tab

Alt. account in private tab or separate browser

Basically just switch windows.

yeah but it would make things a lot easier if that was implemented.

Nah it would complicate tbh

really? its basically the same thing you said but you dont have to do anything with changing windows and browsers, and what if someone is using a school computer and cant use any other browsers, or use private windows?

For them we have Spunch Bop.

wtf is that


The only reason that it would log you out is if you click “Log Out”. I’m assuming you’re doing this to get to your My Games page, but you can just copy the link of the game you’re trying to get to so you don’t need to get logged out. Just think of it as if you were working on a game and implementing some code from an example, you don’t need to log into the creator’s account, you just need the link to the game.

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every time you try to log in to a tab with a tab already open, flowlab will try to log into that account in both tabs.

Yes, so If I opened 2 windows I would be on my account CodeAlpaca on both of them, that’s fine.

The game you’re trying to take code from has a URL, you don’t need to be logged in to use that URL. You are able to have 2 different games open at the same time even if you are on the same account.

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i know but it would still be nice to have this feature.

Almost no other site do this, most sites automatically update what account you are using


Flowlab isn’t made to control several accounts at once…
The purpose of the Indie plan is so you can do everything in one place; I understand why you have several free accounts, but I don’t think there should be a feature or means to support alt accounts.

What you need to do is to keep a bookmark for your accounts, so you can go to your games while staying on one account. And in rare occasions that you want to break you game apart without saving your edits, you can just open incognito to open that game in a locked environment.

Something you can also do that would be simple is to log into the separate accounts in different web browsers. That way your edits will save to which account you’re on what browser with.


no cap

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