Disable editor

Allow a user to disable the editor for other people in their game to prevent cheating

Ive been responsible for introducing my school to this site, causing many sign-ups, and half of the time i see people cheat games. It annoys me alot


This has been asked for enough times that I think it probably makes sense to add. I’ll put it on my list :smile:


Finally :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I thought you forgot.

It never happened…

hasn’t happened - I have a huge list of stuff to work on :slight_smile:

@jngthree - I didn;t forget, but I’m working on something else at the moment. I think you’ll like it though :slight_smile:

That makes me curious. Can’t wait!

@grazer now I’m starting to go through my previous feature requests and/or recent ones that I backed to see if any particular ones seem interesting.

This would be great!

It would… I have various… SECRETS… in my game.


Here’s my plan for this:

Right now, the editor doesn’t open when playing embedded games. I’m going to add a “private/public” setting to the games, so that you can select whether a game shows on the site. To make a game that can’t be edited, you’ll just need to make the game private, and them embed it on a web page somewhere.

Sounds good

Hey, That’s a pretty good solution!

Or maybe when the “play URL” (flowlab.io/game/play/#) is opened, it redirects to the embed site instead.

Just a suggestion to make it easier for people to find it.

The way I’m learning (and staying engaged/using the site) is because I can see how others get things to work they way they do. Removing this removes a huge educational resource.