Disappearing / reappearing Blocks

I made a block that “decays” which means when it touches the player it plays an animation then gets destroyed. is there a way to make that but have it reappear 5 seconds later?

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Yes, have it so that the animation plays (stay on last frame when done), and when done get 0 alpha.

Also when the animation is done, have it start a timer (set to 50 value), then when the timer is done, get 100 alpha.

ah, I see, but will this also make it so I will fall through it after it decays?

this is the game btw Flowlab Game Creator - Close Combat: Reborn (WIP)

the item I want to have decay is labeled “box”

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In order to disable the collisions, you will need to use the “enabled” block. Set enabled to false and the object will no longer collide.

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so what I did was make a collision with the player going into an animation with stay on last frame when done. when done it sets enabled to false and starts a timer for 10 seconds. when the timer finishes it sets enabled to true and stops the animation. why doesn’t it work still?

What doesn’t work? What is it supposed to be doing that it isn’t?

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well once it regains its physics it still has no collisions with the player