disappearing zamboodles?

For some reason in Survive the Zamboodles:
There is a bug that almost all the zombies disappear, can someone help me?

Hey @MagmaDude100 - can you be a little more specific? Did you add them to the game, but they no longer show up in the level? or do you mean they disappear when you play? Where should I be looking for them?

I added a lot of zombies to the desert level and moved around the entire map to only find about five zombies. I beleive this is also happening in the regular overworld as well

I see like 50 zombies in the desert level, you don’t see them in your editor?

I see them in the editor but once i hit play, they disappear

This is a problem that is making my game unplayable because it doesn’t make it fun.

@MagmaDude100 Huh, that explains the lack of zombies!