I started a discord! Its called game developers


Well the good news is latif and luminous are here. But no one has posted ._.

So you really think there are more active people in the flowlab community?

Man, no one has posted in days

i already created a server long time ago even grazer joined

&h6it3xo9g3e2g"b(o5d7r3h GRAZER?!


He joined, but never said a word.

@Luminous700 where?


Maybe if you do a google docs system, where you can see others people mouses, and if theyre editing an object, the object is highlighted in their color/or colors. You see everything real time

like streaming ?

@jngthree - you mean collaborative editing? I’ve thought a lot about that, and I think it would be a really cool feature. One big issue is sprites - if user A and user B both open up a sprite and start editing it, what happens when they save?

I think what would probably make the most sense would be to just let the first user to save “win”, but that means that user who didn’t save in time would lose their work, which I would prefer to avoid.

Anyway, I think it’s a cool feature, but there are a lot of edge cases to consider.

@grazer theyd both see the others edits before the save

User A can see what user B puts in, and vice versa. Real time

Having every edit in real time is a pretty big project. Not impossible, but it adds way more complexity.


If that doesnt work, , maybe where we could have a leader, and he oversees every edit made, and the edits dont count until he personally approves them.

That link says “The instant invite is invalid or has expired”

Dang. I set it to never expire



@grazer is an instant hall of fame member, because without him none of this would be possble

The good thing is, my Flowlab name was changed to Luminous
The bad thing is, my forum name wasn’t