the first flowlab discussions smash bros

@Gamer20 (ofc I’ll add myself)
@DrutrillionD (Yes,my alt as well.)

Description to the smash:
I have no idea what I’m doing.I

@Darian K

ooh I like me some smash

Can you add me? I love super smash bros.

Why me Im so connfused

What is this about

Is this going to be a game or something?

If its a super smash bros, then please add me @Gamer20.

@ManiacPumpkin ok

Hello bro is this super smash bros


That would be very cool if we can all add and create our own characters. Like custom skins, abilities and maybe even a few items that can spawn around that map that can simulate some of us.

Just a few ideas that would help everyone be able to pitch in cause it sounds like a big project.

Cool idea.