Display Order

Would be great if the Display Order of an object could be checked and changed from within the code. Maybe as part of the extractor?
It would help to develop isometric style games and I can also see other uses for it.

depth order

In this example it would be achieved by comparing the Y position of the player and the box and to change the display order accordingly.

If it is already possible … just ignore and remove this post, LOL, I was not able to find it :slight_smile:


There is a Trello card for this already - but it helps knowing that other people care about this feature!


Ahhh, wasn’t aware of this :slight_smile: Thanks so much

@TinkerSmith, its possible to do layer stacking by combining several objects.
Here’s an example I’ve just made: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1399270

Nice one, thanks :slight_smile: