Do iPhone controls exist in flowlab?

Hello. Although flowlab is designed to create games for the iPhone, it does not seem to include any specific triggers for the iPhone (with the exception of “shake phone”, which isn’t what most people would need anyway). I think what most people would need is an “iPhone tap” or “iPhone swipe” triggers.

Do iPhone triggers exist in the indie membership, by any chance? I’ve played Morton the Monkey on my friend’s iPhone, but I am bewildered as to how the tapping function was implemented into the game. Where did that trigger even come from? Is it already a preset trigger that has some “hidden” function that most flowlab creators don’t know about?

Getting off topic a little. Basically, does the indie membership plan come with iPhone triggers? (Seeing as how you can configure to iPhone when upgraded)

No, Im indie and theres NO iPhone triggers. But the mouse click is ALSO an iPhone tap just to tell you.

…then how am I supposed to implement iPhone controls otherwise? I thought flowlab was for creating iPhone games?

Also, if mouse click counts as an iPhone tap, does mouse move count as an iPhone “drag”?

Thanks for the reply super creator

Hey Muphins,

The mouse behaviors are converted to touch behaviors on iOS. Click becomes tap, and move becomes slide. This way your logic can typically work the same on all platforms. The only iOS specific functions are the “Shake” behavior, and the “tall” and “wide” game size settings.

Thank you grazer, i would have not known that otherwise. I would suggest making a note of that in the documentation? I have a few more questions pertainting to this subject however.

Can the “shake” function also be converted to some kind of “tilt” function? (Temple Run for example) If I am correct, this seems to be the only missing iOS element here.

As for selecting “tall” or “wide”, does this 100% convert your game into landscape or upright mode?
For example, upon launching your game on the iOS, will the iOS initially position your game in landscape or upright for selecting wide or tall? And even if so, is it possible to flip your game from landscape to upright (and vice versa)? Or is there an option to disable a position? Hope that was clear enough.

Much appreciation

Yeah and also tilt screen but its not a trigger it just rotates the game