Do leaderboards work when exported?

I am trying to make a leader board for a game I am planning and I want to know if the leader board works when I export the game. Thanks!

no, they rely on flowlab’s servers, external games don’t have a connection to flowlab’s server.

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Oh ok do you think there is any other way to implement a leader board into the game maybe like offline?

i don’t think so, on mobile i think you can but on desktop you’d need to set up a server

ok thank you im going to try and find something!

Leaderboard does work on exported games, however, they will need to create a Flowlab account to submit their score. (A login button will appear for them) You can test how it works by logging out of your account and playing the game

JR01 made a Leaderboard Example using the Cloud behavior if you wanted to use that, but it takes ~3 seconds to load the scoreboard and another ~3 seconds to upload a score.