Do save blocks work differently on exported games?

I have a level menu on my game and it tracks which levels are unlocked using text save blocks. The menu works perfectly on any browser. I’ve cleared cookies and tried on new computers and it still works fine. In exported versions, however, it seems that the text isn’t saved to the blocks (as far as I can tell based on my testing). Does anyone know if save blocks work differently on mobile or mac than in browser?


Yes, they work by using the browser cache in a browser, but when it is exported, it is saved using code, which is much more accurate. @grazer these may be some issues with exported saves, however.

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Mmm makes sense. If there was a bug with exported blocks it would explain why they aren’t working for me. The issue seems to be with text saves only, number saves work fine

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Save’s should work, I’ll make some export test later.

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if I’m correct this code right here is where the issue is.

If you want to look at it its on the “Level Select” (2) Level.

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I am currently having a seizure attempting to look at this.

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Saves should work the same across all platforms. The implementation is different, since browsers use a cookie and native apps store values in a file, but the operation is the same.

I’ll see if I can reproduce this behavior myself as well.


Sounds good. It could be an issue with something else, its just weird that it would work on browser but nothing else.

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Where does Flowlab save variables in its files? Is there somewhere I can look after the program is exported to see if the save blocks are saving the variables at all?

This depends on the platform, but also the files will be in a binary serialization format. What platform are you testing?

Ultimately I need it to work on IOS and Android but I’ve been testing on Mac since they both are having the save issues and it’s faster to export straight to my computer