Do something with objects that hit a ray

Okay so I was just thinking how I can do something with other objects if it hits a ray.

This is the trick: When doing raycast, all other objects do raycast too but to the opposite direction (+180). So if ray A hits object B, ray B hits object A. Now you can do something with both objects! We can make guns in flowlab! :smiley:

Can’t you already do guns without your raycast or even the raycast implemented since they shoot bullets/projectiles?

So… pseudo hitscan… ok

But if you make projectiles too fast it’ll be able to go through objects. I want to hit the enemy immediately, so as fast as possible.

I think an option to message “last raycasted object” (or something - that isn’t too clear) might do what you want? I almost added that when I added the Ray Cast, but I didn’t mainly because the message settings panel is getting complicated.

@Latif3 , If raycast hits object A, it sends the angle of the raycast to all objects A, object A receives raycast angle, adds 180 to it, and casts raycast at that angle, if it hits the original object then it outputs. No need for last raycasted. Did I miss anything?

@grazer that would be a nice feature

Why dont we have it to where its a drop down box

Last raycasted? That’s exactly what I want. Yes do it!