Do you like Gamougg? (pls vote on poll)

racing or racisting?

my response to that hurtful sad information:
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based dark star studios


just stumbled on this and this is the funniest thing I have seen all day


I’ve played a couple gamougg games, and from what I remember they were confusing, distracting, and had too much going on. I think DarkStar said it best, they could just use some quality improvements overall. I think you have a lot of passion for this series and it could turn into something great, but it’s hard to access the love when the visuals and gameplay are janky. I think practicing creating simple mechanics that, while may not be as fun or interesting, will work, because I think more people will play them and it will be easier to polish. Once you get a bigger player base and everyone sees that you can put polish on games – and once you get better at programming and game design – then you should go ham with the mechanics you want.

Overall I think that you should worry about others opinions, simply because making the game should be for your own enjoyment. But if you want more people to enjoy your games I’d say the biggest thing to do is improve on the game design.

Think about what a new player would think starting your game. Are there too many controls introduced right away? Is there a lot of dialogue that doesn’t engage them? What is a player most likely to do in a situation? There are a lot of things your could do to introduce a player to your game instead of info dumping at the beginning.

Good luck on your future games!


fr John keeps trying to make full-blown console/pc games in terms of game mechanics and complexity no matter how much i tell him to stop