Do you want grass adventure back?

this is one of my old games from a while ago. it was ad but i want your oppinion

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Ok.not 20

how did you- wha- bu-


Anyway I think it would be a pretty neat idea to bring back an older game. Cause sometimes older games don’t end up being much, but they would always be great potential.

ok so most of the time i back off of a prodject cuz i suck at flowlab but i was hoping poeple could help.

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Grass adventure? as in the one with Red grass?

(oh yeah im @Mr_Secret i changed the name from @8-bit_Studio to @Mr_Secret)

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yeah the name changed to the infection cuz it was a better idea but no one played it so i deleted it

Oh i played it (so so buggy)

But yes i want it back :slight_smile:

ok im going to try and bring it back but i will need some help

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