Does Anti Aliasing exist on Flowlab?

Does anyone know how to make your sprites smoother with anti aliasing on Flowlab?

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Sorry, that’s non-existent on flowlab at the time.

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Alright, well I’ll just stick with larger sprites then

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You can achieve this in a photo editor in a separate sprite designer like pixilart :+1:t2:


I used to use pixilart. It’s an amazing recource, but the community is pretty dark and toxic.

Here you go.
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Thanks, @meburningslime and @browngr! This really helps!


No problemo
Ugh 20 character limit!!!

Huh? I’ve never experienced this.

Experienced the 20 character limit or the toxic community?

The Toxic Community

I’ve got it a lot. Anyways, a lot of people on there r furries. Enough said. Lol