Does Any One know how to duplicate a Game Object?

It has been really annoying and aggatating that Flowlab seemingly cannot allow any items to be duplicated as a seperate type. For example, I need an enemy who constantly faces the player (For that discussion, visit for more information) and cannot duplicate the enemy and flip it. This is not a problem for a simple sprite, but one with detailed animations you really can’t - or don’t want to repeat is really annoying. But advanced and experianced players like @“Mhx Ar” air and @grazer - and anyone else who has a clue of how to solve this - may be able to.

You can copy all of the behaviors over with the selection tool pretty easily, and for the actual sprites and animations of it you can copy them from the old type and paste it on the new type

…Thank You… So… Much…

@“Biscuit Butter” your a legend!

Maybe I’m misunderstanding - if you just want to flip the object, can’t you use a Flip block on the ones you want to flip?

I need to have the enemy face the player, which means 2 seperate objects in which are the same in code and apperance for when the player is facing either left or right. So if the path makes the player face left i’ll use the enemy who is flipped right and vis versa, but that unfortunatley does not solve the “player jumping over it and shooting it from the behind” problem.