Does anyone have a 3D game made yet?

I mean 3D in a sense put it in the reply please :point_down:t2: :grin: :point_down:t2:


Not yet, but I plan to.

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Depends on your definition of 3-D. Like a first person shooter or just a game that looks 3-D, mainly just the art style?

An FPS game yeah (2020)

I feel like a 3d game is more work than its worth and no i dont

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I made this game itโ€™s more just the art style, this game is in development soโ€ฆ

Yes there are 2 of them

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I went through the wallโ€ฆxD

that shooter game was awesome and the map creater is also cool

My dad @todorrobot made a 3D ish game called Lazer Dave

Hold up, todorrobots your dad?

Yea, he gave me my indie account

Interesting (20 chars)


why do you sound so suspiciousc :thinking:

Interesting, 3D world by murten101 had a lot of what I had in mind.
But overall, I plan to combine the 2 games that Grim posted and be closer to a DOOM.
Hopefully I get around to it starting Next Year.

Hereโ€™s the link to Lazer Dave:

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Woa, 3D world is super cool!

โ€œLaser Daveโ€ is amazing!

@todorrobot Explain about Lazerdave and how did (if its worth explaining)