does anyone have an idea on what I should add in my game???

i am 100% out of ideas for Project T. ideas are greatly appreciated.
Thanks! ~Reece

@Luminous700 , I added your shotgun idea into my game, but only made it 12 shots, and 2-round burst.

if you’re idea is good enough, i’ll add it.

Gernades, moving (point and click)

@jngthree i’m gonna add it! it’ll be 3, (on the keyboard,) to activate a grenade crosshair. “A and D” to move the crosshair, “G” to launch a grenade. it’ll blow up 1-4 targets, (most likely 2-4.)

great!!! now i have to make another player!!!

won’t do it right now. going somewhere.

Version 1.5 Beta Build 2 is out!!!

What’s been updated:
-added grenades - press “3” to use it.
-decreased timer from 20 to 15 again.

I would like more grenades, because I only get one, and feel 2 would be a good amount. 2 or more in my opinion. But this is fun! good graphics and animation for breaking targets, keep up the good work!

@Myw, fixed it. added 2 working grenades, 1 non-working, (don’t know how to fix the 1 non-working grenade, or the 1 misfire on the guns.)