Does anyone have any examples of using the "SAVE" function in the Game Flow section?

Looking for ways to add to our game depth. Does anyone have examples of using the Save function from the Game Flow section?

Saving high scores

anything that might need to be carried from one game session to another

Basically it saves numbers.
Think like this. Let’s say your main menu has a new game and continue button. Have clicking new game send a message to the level system set number 1.
Have a filter, each number goes to a level. When you get to level 2, have the system set the number to 2. Go on with numbers as you get to levels. Saving saves the number. If you reset the game and have clicking continue to into the number, if you were last on level 5 and had it set the number to 5, clicking continue will go in and filter to go to level 5.

You can use this logic for setting and saving scores, money, lives and other stuff. Just keep a system on the GUI that is marked for stays on all levels.

Here’s an example that uses the save function to store your high score:

Thank you. This is very helpful.