Does Anyone Know How To Make A Inventory That Stacks Up Items That U Collect Also How To Make A Cut Scene For My RPG Game Im Making With My Friend

The Game Game Im Making With My Friend
Game Link:
Btw The Game Is Multiplayer U Can Play On Two Computers

I made a inventory system about a month ago it only needs dropping coming soon

is there a link to your game

gotta fix the pickaxe and bow pickup:

I saw the sword system of how your character holds it @glithctyrus now imma just hippity hoppity this design is now my propert it and slap it on my green boi and there epic gun system thanks again @glithctyrus

u might need to fix the bow and how it runs away from u might need to remove postion

i know I must have broke the bow some time down the row

Can you fixe the weapons character movement where the character flips with your curser it is broken when you move further away from spawn @glithctyrus

just remove the part of the code where it does that

Can you answer the question above plz

theres code in my playe so that when the mouse is on the left he flips remove that

I WANT THAT it’s when you go far away it stops working for some reason

@glithctyrus sorry I need to :3

click on the mouse move and select game cordinates

instead of screen cordinates

Ok thank you i guess it some how works maybe cuz of you using location of player nvm mind i was thinking of how the mouse moves on the screen more than the player functions ok BIG THANKS

really great chat its only about @glithctyrus game its fine

sorry @Mr_Black_Smile

its fine no problem u also have a nice game