does anyone know if it is possible to make first person shooters

please tell meh

cause i am trying to find a website where you can but you don’t have to pay

Use Enreal Engine 4


do you need download

or money



But its very big You need an awesome PC to use that

damn it

ive got a 12 year old dell

Do you want a tip: Dont try do a FPS game with 12 Years old… Do You know programming? Do you know create 3D models and animate it? No so give up

Just a tip


You can make them here, with a little work. I decided to test that out and here’s what I got so far, still working on the environment, but I have an idea of how to get that working. Mouse to aim, W to move forward, A and D will rotate the environment around the player, well, that’s the idea. Check out what I have so far, though it’s not much. If I crack this style, anyone feel free to check it out and try making a FPS, using this as a template.

i can script, and use 3d stuff

to start using 3d, use “d3d_start ()”