Does multiplayer work on mobile?

I’m just wondering if multiplayer features currently work on mobile? Thanks!

multiplayer is still in beta on the site itself

@“JR 01” so it will not work at all on mobile or it will just be super buggy?

I’ve personally never gotten it to connect on mobile. I think it uses some kind of plugin that computers use, but phones don’t.

For now, it barely works in Flash, but it was a beta test for premium users to try out and see how stable it was. Since Flash will be gone soon, recoding flowlab for Html has been the main priority for the last 2 years. The entire website and program had to be remade, and grazer has been doing everything all by himself, so eventually, when html is finished and isn’t buggy, flowlab will have multiplayer added in html.

@“Mhx Ar” gotcha, thanks!