Does my level selector work?

I made my level selector in gravity hop to save, but I think I might have also made it impossible for me to test it. Can one of you play a level or two and tell me if it works for you? It should only let you play a level up to the point in the game you have reached, every other level should be covered up with a transparent lock that will blink and not start the level if you click on it.


Try the game and tell me what you think!!!

Play in Incognito mode if you want play with new saves sets

Wait, how do you do that?

I’ve never heard about that before.

@“my_name (<_>)” If you’re using google chrome, look at the three dots in the top right corner. Click on that. Then click open incognito window. Incognito mode acts like you’ve never been on this website before. You can undo this by simply exiting the incognito tab.

Thanks, I use safari tho so ill need a different way of testing things that save, I can probably just make a different account and test it with that

There’s incognito mode for safari too

Go to File > New Private Window from the menu bar (Another way to do this is to click Shift-Command-N using your keyboard shortcuts).

Wow, i’m not sure how I’ve never heard or seen that, Thanks!!!