Does Removing a Membership Delete Membership Data?

I’m probably going to cancel my membership due to me being inactive, but I am worried it will delete all of my progress I made (mostly on my game Duo) with the membership. So I just want to ask:
If I remove my Indie Membership, will it delete my progress that I made with the membership?

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we need the ultimate @grazer

but i think grazer said that it still saves everything from indie so i dont think your progress would be deleted

ill just wait for grazer to reply


Hey @Seth01Master - nothing will be touched when you cancel! (I really need to add this to the little F.A.Q. section). Your games will stay where they are, and you can still access and edit them. The indie features will be inaccessible, but you can always upgrade again later if you want, and pick back up where you left off.

Also, sorry to hear that you’re cancelling, but thanks for being a subscriber and supporting the site :slight_smile:

If you have any specific issues that made you stop using Flowlab as much, I’d love to hear about them (you can email me if you would prefer)

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Ok! Thanks!

I dont have any issues with flowlab, but I have been very busy lately and less active on the site, so I dont want to pay for being inactive. But thanks so much for the reply!