Does resetting my computer reset flowlab?

Hi @grazer, sorry to bug you (if anyone else could answer that would be great) I was going to reset my computer to fix a few issues and I was just wondering if it would delete any of my flowlab data. I know my games should all be kept on the servers and I’ll just need to log back into my account, but just making sure I won’t lose any other data

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I think your ingame saves will be lost but I’m not sure…


Restarting your computer in general wouldn’t effect flowlab at all. On my MacBook I restarted it once a week and my saves plus passwords all save.

When you clear your browsers history that’s what will reset everything saved through the browser.

Although I can’t say this works for all devices, just on my Mac book. Although it shouldn’t make a difference because my windows computer is the same way.


Not sure what you mean by “reset”, but in general the only thing stored on your local computer is the information used by a “Save” block. This information will be reset if you clear your cookies or switch browsers.


By resetting, I just meant I was going Powerwash my chrome so everything on it is reset (So it’s basically like a new computer in terms of what’s on it)

So you’re factory resetting it.

Yeah that’ll completely clear everything off the computer.

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but… your flowlab games will still be there, right? and you can still sign in?

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The games are stored on the flowlab servers, but I will need to sign in again, but that’s really easy to do.

yeah so i’d say factory resetting would not be an issue and would most likely help your pc out.

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So everything on flowlab saves. It’s like a google doc if you ever messed with it. It saves on the servers and can be accessed whenever and on any device as long as you know the password.

Factory resetting your computer will delete all saves sprites and art you have has files on the computer. Not any that are saved on any flowlab games.
Factory resetting resets all browser history and cache, completely restarting everything so if you have passwords or websites saved, I hope you remember them, because they’ll be deleted and have to be re-saved.

Other than that, anything and everything saved on flowlab such as games, code, sprites, accounts, etc, permanently save on flowlab unless you manually delete your account on the website. Or I think if you are inactive for too long because my very first account is gone now. (It was very old and terrible so I don’t mind).

Flowlab is saved on the internet through servers, factory resetting your computer only hard resets the files and hard drives on the computer itself. Not effecting any files saved through the cloud or on the internet.

Another way of think, if it can be access by another device via internet, it won’t be deleted by resetting a single device. Like an email.

Hopefully this helps.


Like I said, it will reset your browser history and you will be logged out of all websites and any passwords will be forgotten. I would suggest memorizing them or writing them down so you can easily log back in on any website you are worried about getting logged out of.

You could be logged into a website on another device and you’ll stay logged in. It only effects the device you’re restarting. Almost like getting a new computer, you have to redownload everything you had on the old device along with signing back in on anything.