DoM maker

do you think this is a good idea?

here it is so far

It looks like a great idea, although you may want to make the controls clearer and easier to do.

I’m confused @Superstargames what is not clear about the controls?

@“seamothmaster45” well, at first glance, when I saw the controls list, I couldn’t figure out how to place down the objects effectively. The whole list was placed in one huge sentence that made me confused what button did what. Lack of capitalization and punctuation didn’t help either. I did figure them out eventually, so it is not THAT bad. What I am saying is that you should probably make the list of controls more like an actual list. For example:

  • Use Z to attach Zombie
  • Use Shift to place
    … and so on. I still see potential to the game, so good luck!

thank you @Superstargames I really do appreciate it!

You’re welcome.

yeah @Superstargames I didn’t even know that I had it all in one sentence!
I kind of just threw it together in 2 seconds because I needed to start on other things. Not trying to make excuses though I didn’t make it very clear

hey @“The Kodex” I have been making this for a while can you tell me what you think?


@seamothmaster45 It looks great so far! And did you make pixel art yourself? Really impressive!

yes I did make the pixel art myself thanks!

@seamothmaster45 Still some bugs but really impressive so far! Amazing coding! Please continue working on this!

thanks @“The Kodex” I’ll will continue, but my main focus right now is unnamed blob game and DoM 3! you should know how many games I make at a time unnamed blob game is my 6th game this month to work on