DoM progress is officially halted

Due to a lack of time I will not be able to continue production of DoM. I do plan on finishing DoM at a later date, but I’m not quite sure when.

A message to all of my dev team: You may continue production (if you want) you may ask @F3Art to add small features, but if its a LARGE feature or a feature that includes the story (yes I know I’m saying “feature” a lot) You MUST ask me. You can contact me here (I will not be active on the forums) here
@rcreger @MetaNinja @theglitch055 (I know you two haven’t really added anything, but I figured I’d tag you anyway)


Id probally just add some enemies or enemy concepts

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also no pressure, ive been very busy as well

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@theglitch055 I’d actually lve some new enemy variation! Just give me an idea and what it looks like/how it deals damage, where it lives (Apocalypse plains, The Wasteland, The Scorch and Leilani City.) here and I’ll most likely say yes!