DoM reboot

I have been debating on making a Decimation of Mankind reboot lately, because I view DoM 1 and 2 as major major failures on my part. Though I am not yet ready to ditch the idea! It would be a top-down open world type game that would turn the Decimation of Mankind series back around! Thoughts?

Better @seamothmaster45

how is that @“The Kodex”?

thank you @“The Kodex”

@seamothmaster45 I did, and actually, the gameplay is smooth, and I actually really enjoyed shooting the “Infected”! It was really fun. But, the inro’s where really short, and could of been handled better. Go into my game and copy the code from the intro. It requires no animationes.
Also have seperate animations for the player walking up and down like the following, but in your own style:
One last thing, make the ground and the grass texture, add aditional features, and ultimatly, customise how you want the ground to look. Give your player health and upgrades as well and build a UI.Though not finished, this is an example:

But so far, so good! Can’t wait to see how this turnes out!

does anyone think they can play test the game so far and tell me what they think?

@“The Kodex” @Superstargames @anyone

the character now shows battle damage when hit @“The Kodex”

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It is hard typing on a phone. It be like:

Tp do thos thyng go to the snaumation folder and liik on eht inaide if iy to srr wjat is wro g

I can tell you are typing too fast lol

Thanks @seamothmaster45 ! One way to is to have this:
Somehow featured in the beggining if your game. Agian, you don’t have to, be free to do it in your own way, and also calling them zombies is a bit cheesy, so infexted is better I guess!

Anything else you need help with and just call! If you wnat to sell this gamr ot make profit as long as I am credited it is fine to all go to you.

In my retroscape game my imsge has an into sequence you can use, a fade in, just in case. Thank you for crediting me and your welcome for the idea help!

I will definitely credit you @“The Kodex”! thanks for the ideas there are some things that I will change but it is still your idea!

well I guess they are kind of zombies since they are mindless people creatures, but I just don’t like calling them zombies

Well @seamothmaster45 I actually LOVE how it is set after world war 2 rather that the modern world, and gives reason to how they infect you. What I would add, is the date being tied to the zombies:

After Hitler’s suicide, The unknkown son of Heinrich Himmler, Helgar Himmler releases a secret Nazi project for If the allied forces gain the upper hand. Though, because he was inexperienced and did not know how to operate it, the plan backfires and releases the infextion whixh plauges both The Allies and the Axis. Now the verge of extinction, humans rely on As Sam [You add surname], who aimes to save humanity by desteoying the core, thr brain that controls it all - the final boss.

And in the sequel, he possibly must fibd the cure to cure those still infected after the brains defeat.

Hope you like, This could give your idea more backstory. If you use this, you could credit me as crossed sword games. I dont mind if you don’t.

the story for the game is not completely put together but this is it so far

The year is actually Sep 2, 1946 it has been exactly 1 year since the end of world war 2
when suddenly these creepy parasite things they name wretches start attacking! the humans try to fight back and the military even starts arming people who know how to use a gun to defend themselves sadly they cannot sam is one of 24 survivors and must find them before it is too late!
wretches climb in through your eyeball and are able to take control of your brain, but in the process it kills the human forcing them to move on to the next host!

hope you like the story thus far @“The Kodex” if you have any suggestions please run them by me!

and I don’t know what you mean that they are called zombies I named him infected 1

yes I am going to do that! hope you liked it! I will explain the story more later I just need to write it down
@“The Kodex” AND IT IS NOT A ZOMBIE!!!

Oh, thats what it is called in the editor. Also the game looks great so far and I hope the story will be good I am sure it is coming from you. Loads of anticipation at this game!

@seamothmaster45 Intresting… This eould be good for a top down game like yours, good job! I would suggest a hit animation when the zombie collides with player or a damage anination for the player when attacked by the zombie to maje it seem more realistic.

if anyone wants to see I finished the basic ai for the game

I think that its worth a shot. It’s a good idea to reinvent an idea that didn’t work out in the beginning because you can end up expanding it and making it better.