DoM voice actors

Ramshacklestudios are officially looking for voice actors!

     If you think you have what it takes, then send me your voice acting
     skill via chatbox
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Umm maybe give us a line

“Have you ever wondered if we are alone in this universe?”

Note: voice changers are allowed

what is this guy suppost to sound like? deep voice, high voice, etc.

more high pitched than low pitched, but keep in mind that he is wearing a mask when he speaks

sure im in no pay just clout

Yeah, I defiantly can’t pay lol

How many lines are we talking? I can work for free, and my new voice changer’s pretty customisable. Just need to know how much work I’m doing here.

Not a whole lot (unless you doing ALL the characters lol) mainly just the opening and a couple of cut scenes

Alright, sign me up! Since I have a separate recording program, I’m going to DM you the line tomorrow when I get off my flight to Las Vegas. (=

Sounds great!

P.s. I put a HUGE chunk of DoM story for the description on my profile if you want to see

Hey I’ll do it I can were a mask while talking what is the line

got a small demo of mine might redo it in the morning im in my night voice rn anyway I dmed you the clip on discord

You should join my discord

whats it called @GrimProductionZ

Have you ever wanted the “LittleBigPlanet” voice actor?

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Umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm I just don’t have do link you see but

I’ll give tomorrow when I’m on my laptop so I can copy the link from it

Well, if you’re doing voice acting, one way to go is to use text to speach. I know some of them are really bad and the voices sound like literal robots, but there are some out there that you can change speed, pitch, and everything. That’s what I’m using for The Facility, but Might need to update it though since the Announcement guy isn’t distorted enough. It’s an easy and free way of getting speech into your game.

Yeah, @ManiacPumpkin but there is no excuse for a real person. (you know what I mean?)

@glithctyrus My discord account was lost so your going to have to send it here