DonGenorator: The Dungeon Generator

A cool game I made in about an hour, 4 different levels (block breaker doesnt work yet)

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That’s a pretty cool idea, although I found a few mistakes with it:

Ah, yes. Find the exit, lol.

Yea, I had the same issue:

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try puting a ray cast on the player and exit that sends a message that deletes it if it hits.

Well well well, this is interesting. Great work on this! I think you should work more on this, see what more that you can add to the game.

Oh, by the way there are times where the player completely disappears from the level, and you have to restart to get them back. LOL XD

Yea, the player goes behind a block and you cant move 0.0


Sorry, Im Playing Almost At 3:00am

The movement is very buggy. But it’s really good. You could probably add ray-casts onto the finish to delete blocks around it.
Edit: I just realized The_Undying already suggested this…

I think the blocks with a lighter color are breakable if you ram into them enough.

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They are, but for some reason juust in the “Find the Goal” Level, Idk why its any different in other levels ._.

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I fixed them! (applause)

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Ok, Im In School Right Now.

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Ok Im On The Bus Right Now.

Oh, you go to public school rn?
I do online, in my opinion it’s better than public school. (:

In some ways, yes, in some ways, no.

Well, nobody can change your mind, but In my opinion, public is better

In with you on that one.

Im* (202020202020202020)

I didn’t know you could do that its great I’m a huge fan of Dungeon Crawler Arcade Games and I’m just getting into Dungeons and Dragons overall its great keep up thy great work!