Double Jump Example: Learn how to make one

Hi! I’m PixelPizza, if you are reading this it’s probably because you are looking for an easy way to learn and implement a Double Jump to your game.
Well, I made this example/bundle so you can easily copy-and-paste a functional and bug-free Double Jump Mechanic!


Here’s how to add the Double Jump Bundle to your game:

You need to change the “Raycast” Object Type to your “ground” object.
You can change the “Jump Force” if you feel like to.
And, you need to change the “Raycast” Length if your character sprite is bigger than 32x32px (1 block).

I hope this helps you!
I made this because I want to help and be more valuable to this community :slight_smile: Any feedback you may have is welcome!

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I think this is a little too much effort for just an example game, but it looks great anyway.

Also, you shouldn’t be able to do this:

A double jump mechanic should only allow you to jump in the air once, until you hit the ground again. I know it is kind of a misleading term but that’s just how it works lol.


This is really cool, I used the same mechanic in one of my games I was working on a bit ago. I’m ridiculously impressed by how GOOD this looks, everything, the animations, trails, sprites, they all just looks incredible together.

Hey @Latif , that’s just a normal jump and a double jump - and it’s a feature shown up there.

It’s called “Coyote Time” because it allows the player to jump for a short time after leaving a ledge (Just like in the cartoons “Looney Tunes”).

This is used in many platformers games, like Dead Cells and Celeste, and even 3D games, like Dying Light, because it forgives players that aren’t able to press the Jump button a moment/pixels before they leave the platform.

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@“my_name (<_>)” Thanks, so glad you like it! :smiley:

dang @PixelPizza this looks better than my full games!

Thank you so much @seamothmaster45

no problem!

@PixelPizza you can only dash once in the air in celeste

@Latif You can look at this Twitter thread from the Celeste Developer on how he made Celeste feel good and forgiving (using Coyote time and other features):

Either way, if you don’t want the Coyote Time, you can simply remove the timer connected to the Regular Jump Switch.

This game is amazing to watch. A+ art!

Thank you so much! @RageDayz :smiley:

I see why you won the Flowjam…


how do i copy the bundle



Select the mouse tool in the editor, and select the bundle. Then click copy.
Above, there is a tutorial on how to copy and import to your game.


ahh i copy/pasted it into my game, and it still doesn’t work, does any body have any pointers?

Hey @lordkitten , you forgot to change the “Raycast” Object Type to your “ground” object.

If you read the post, you will find the instructions.
Start reading from: “Here’s how to add the Double Jump Bundle to your game”. :smiley:

Oh and by the way, don’t forget to change the jump force number too!