Double Jump

How could I make a double jump? I know in the default run and jump bundle there is a toggle to prevent infinite jumping, but what about just twice?

A few things I wish grazer would add. And, or, xor, selector, and a counter.
Here’s what you need to do.
Connect an up key to 3 numbers. (down) goes into an (in) of an ON/OFF switch, that goes into the (in) of a number 8, and then an impulse.
Connect (down) to a second number now, but instead connect it to (+) and connect that number to a filter of (greater than 1). Connect the filter to (off) on the ON/OFF switch.
Connect the filter to the 3rd number (in), and keep that number at 0. Have that number connect to the (set) of the second number.
Add a [collision “bottom” with anything] and connect that to (on) on the ON/OFF switch. Have it also connect to the (in) of the 3rd number.

This is what you will see. Touching the ground allows you to jump. Jumping adds a 1 to each jump. After 2 jumps, the switch locks and you can’t jump again unless you touch the ground or land on an enemy. The number resets to 0, and the ground unlocks the jumping again. Enjoy.