Draw Colliders over Background

Hey everyone! So I’ve created backgrounds for a top-down game in external programs and imported them as backgrounds into flowlab. These backgrounds include things like walls, buildings, trees, etc. I would like the player to be able to collide with these items. What I’m imagining is the ability to draw lines around something that I want to be collide-able, but that’s not possible right now. Has anyone handled something like this before?

The only other thing I can think of is using Photoshop to cut out the object and import them back into flowlab as sprites. Any suggestions? Thanks.


You can always just copy the sprite and put it in the game layer, then just make it solid and cut out the sections of the building you don’t want the player to collide with.

Just create a new sprite in the game layer and click on browse” to view all current sprites that are in the game and the backgrounds that you used should show up as well.

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Thank you! That makes sense. I’ll have to play with it to see what I want to do.